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All Caps No Space

  • Canadian Music Centre 837 Davie St Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1B7 Canada (map)

For three musicians, live electronics and live video
Conceived by Linda Bouchard
With François Houle, clarinet
Rebecca Wenham, cello
Katie Rife, percussion


The evening will start with a short free improvisation immediately followed by All Caps No Space.  After the concert, drinks will be served for a short Q&A with the musicians.

All Caps No Space is a work-in-progress and a work in constant mutation. It is an interactive work that invites the performing musicians and the audience members to reflect and participate in the creation of a category of work the composer calls “nomadic”.

All Caps No Space explores the amplified solitude we experience within the barrage of information that besieges us. The creation of the work is motivated by the desire to give a voice to our individual experiences as we witness the world’s tragedies, specifically captured in the written and still images of daily media. “All Caps No Space” comes from this question: what is the space we can inhabit as caring individuals in a society in which we are flooded by information and news, the intensity of it all, the immediacy and the inherent violence and horror.

Using graphic notation “nomadic” works are conceived dramatically to capture a moment in time: they are constructed to “travel”—to be performed by local musicians in each city where it is presented and take on a local sense of place while integrating a specific temporal element.