Houle - Meger - Sorbara

www.francoishoule.ca   photo ©2018 Peter Gannushkin


photo ©2018 Peter Gannushkin

photo by Michael Toledano ©2013

photo by Michael Toledano ©2013


Houle - Meger - Sorbara

is a placeholder name for a new, Canadian, creative music power trio featuring clarinetist François Houle, bassist James Meger, and percussionist Joe Sorbara. These stalwart sonic adventurers come together to breathe new life into a diverse book of compositions penned by the trio’s members as well as free jazz and experimental music luminaries such as Anthony Braxton, John Carter, and Steve Lacy.

More info, music recordings and videos coming soon!



Watch on Vimeo:

ˈmɔː(r)nɪŋ https://vimeo.com/304273197

Obzocky Thing https://vimeo.com/304277892

Sticks & Stones (John Carter) https://vimeo.com/304282642

Sticks & Stones (Joe Sorbara) https://vimeo.com/304285798

François Houle:

online: www.francoishoule.ca

bandcamp: Afterday Audio

soundcloud: soundcloud.com/francois-houle